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The Penn State Trip


Lee and Carmen Rubin, along with Dwayne Fitzpatrick have sponsored a trip to Penn State University for the annual Blue-White Game (Penn State’s intra-squad football scrimmage).  The purpose of the trip is to expose the young people we serve to the possibilities of higher education – a feat that they might not have previously thought achievable.

It is our belief that unless our young people see higher education as possible, it is not something they will actively pursue.

On Saturday morning, students from Central New Jersey and Pennsylvania begin the day with a fund-raising breakfast. We call it the Blue-White Scholarship Breakfast.  At the breakfast, our young men hear very informative and inspirational messages.  The speakers effectively communicate to our students the need for discipline, hard work, and goal-setting. Afterwards, we go to Beaver Stadium for an autograph session with the current Nittany Lion football team and enjoy the scrimmage. Afterwards, they participate in a guided college tour, meet alumni, staff, and football players.  There are facilitated discussions on issues important to the youth.

Proceeds benefit male and female youth who are continuing to further their education.  We have also partnered with The Guiding Light Organization to help build a school in Haiti after the earthquake devastated the area in 2010.


Many of the students that participate have very limited exposure to institutions of higher education.  Most of our participants come from lower income families.  A large majority of them are from minority families (African-American and Hispanic).  Many of them are also from single-parent households. 


A number of the young men and women who have participated in the One Blue Village programs have embraced the possibility of going to college, and are now actually enrolled in various colleges and universities.  They were inspired to take the next critical step in making a better life for themselves, and their future families.  Our results have been exceptional and encouraging.  There have been a number of participants from prior trips who have benefited from the exposure and now attend a variety of colleges and universities, works in professional settings, and contribute back to their communities.

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